People-Trak® Standard Features

People-Trak comes with a wealth of standard features that power each module. This engine is what sets People-Trak® apart from the competition.

Documents – Our proprietary report writer provides an extensive number of modifiable, pre-defined reports plus an unlimited number of custom reports which can be produced with the included ad hoc report writer. Our letter generator allows you to rapidly generate letters to any employee or applicant without losing the personal touch. And, forms and labels can easily be created with an included tool by simply merging any selected data fields with your text. Most brand label products supported.

Data Management– Easily exchange information with other Windows-based applications. Import data from other databases and Excel® spreadsheets and export data to Excel, Word®, etc. Define as many databases as you like for separate divisions, companies, or employee classes. Merge databases into one for enterprise wide reporting or use the extract feature to pull specific records. Make global changes to databases quickly. Perform the dreaded zip code or area code change in seconds, not hours.

Customization– Modify field names, report headings, help lines, and multi-line help text to meet your specific needs. This can be accomplished simply and easily by yourself without the need for outside service providers.

Multi-level Security– Define and protect databases, menu options, screens, individual fields, and individual records. If desired, set-up advanced security options using query based filters. A System Access Log alerts you to any unauthorized access plus an audit log recording every field changed and the user who changed it!

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