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With People-Trak's powerful Strategic HR features, Human Resources can easily adapt to meet virtually any challenge.

The power to be more productive.

When your mission is to optimize the performance of your company’s workforce, the right tools can make all the difference.

People-Trak's Strategic HR was designed as an add-on to help turn your HRIS into a strategic system, and align human resources to unique business goals. These tools are for companies looking to embrace HR automation. Through automation, your processes can be entirely paperless, fast, accurate, and the end result can be stored electronically for reporting and retrieval.

Go paper-light.

The HR Essentials package offers a complete core HRIS system: personnel tracking, position control, benefits, compensation, time-off, training management, and more. The Strategic HR toolkit enhances the People-Trak system with the ability to:

  • Use alerts and schedule triggers to streamline HR processes
  • Replace paper-based approvals with an electronic approval process in People-Trak
  • Automate communication to employees & managers

Highly customizable.

Needs vary greatly from organization to organization. Many HR software vendors offer customization of an HR system for high consulting fees. Our approach is different. We offer user-friendly features that anyone can learn. This way, when there are small or large changes in your processes, you will be able to respond by adapting your HRIS without expensive consultants.

People-Trak offers industry-leading customization features:

  • Derived fields are fields whose values are made up from user-defined calculations (i.e. a field that shows an employee’s salary after COLA, or a field that shows current dollar value of PTO). Derived fields can then be used to create valuable reports.
  • Custom screens give you the power to create your own completely unique screens with fields and buttons that fit your needs.
  • Workflows are a group of custom screens put into a meaningful order (with approvals if needed). You can create different different workflows for different user types to give your HR procedures consistency and streamline data entry.

Advanced training & support.

You will receive access to our full support program, which includes a personal support rep, access to tips & best practices on our client site, and all software updates.

In addition, you will receive advanced training on how to use Strategic HR features. And of course you will always have access to our in-house People-Trak experts for guidance.

From 50 to 5,000.

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping private, government, and nonprofits of all sizes to automate HR processes. Whether you have 50 employees, or 5,000, the features found in People-Trak's Strategic HR package make it easy for companies to achieve a tailored HR system without breaking the bank.

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