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Tech Support Live versus On-Line

Technical Difference, Inc. believes that the human touch is still the primary way customers want to be supported. We know that the world has gone high tech, but you still want that human voice when your CEO is screaming at you to get the information he needs and you can’t remember how to build the report.

Therefore, at Technical Difference, each Technical Support Representative has a number of personal accounts for which he/she is responsible. What that means is that if they don’t hear from you, they call you. They are not just sitting by the phone hoping you do not call. They foster a relationship with our clients. If you call us and your technician is unavailable, of course we will get you some one else. But we are proactive in how we cultivate our relationship with our customers. That is the Technical Difference! If you want to try out our support during the sales process, we would be happy to accommodate you. Simply call 1-800-273-3760 and test our rep’s as they assist you.

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