HRIS – Time & Attendance Module

People-Trak’s Time and Attendance Module allows you maximum flexibility so can schedule and track all your companies accrual and non-accrual accounts.

Accounts – People-Trak allows you to set up an unlimited number of accounts within its Time and Attendance Module. Whether your company utilizes the traditional Vacation and Sick Leave structure, or some other unique setup, People-Trak can accommodate all your accounts.

Accruals – Within each of your accounts that you establish, you can accrue time in any format you choose. People-Trak can accrue time annually, monthly, biweekly, semi-monthly, weekly, as well as annually based on anniversary-of-hire-date, monthly based on anniversary-of-hire-date, and more. When your company hits year-end, the accrual engine allows you to carry time over, limit the amount of time that is allowed to be carried over, as well as carrying time into a secondary account.

Non-Accrual Accounts – Additionally, you can track time taken from however many different non-accrual accounts you would like to establish. Then, when your CEO wants to know how much time was used for bereavement, jury duty, LOA or any other non-accruals accounts you have, you can produce it.

Auto-Bump – People-Trak also helps you take the guess work out of bumping employees to new levels. When James Smith crosses your company’s threshold to a new accrual level, People-Trak will automatically bump him for you. No hassles, no worries, no mess.

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