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How many times each month do you get interrupted by the fateful question, How much Vacation time do I have left? If it is not that question, it is the equally pressing question, Will I be able to take a week off at such and such time? People-Trak’s ESS takes care of these pesky time-off questions and more.

Time-Off BalancesWith People-Trak ESS each employee can look up their vacation balances as well as their time-off history. Whether you have 1 Personal Time account for everything, or 10 different accounts for every conceivable day off, People-Trak ESS allows the employees to see any balances you choose. Additionally, they can see the details of their time-off history. This is a great way to avoid the inevitable disagreements about how much time is available. Employees can see their exact time they used and upon which days they used it before they accuse you of having done something wrong in their attendance balances.

Time-Off Estimator – But being able to know how much time one has used or has available is not good enough. Employees want to know how much time they will have in the future for that planned event. No problem with the Time-Off Estimator. People-Trak ESS can project out for any employee how much time they will have available at a certain date. This is a fantastic utility to take needless interruptions off your hands.

Time-Off Requests – Now you need a way to streamline time-off requests. No problem. Employees simply go to the People-ESS Time-Off Request page, punch in their requests, and you get a notice in your People-Trak Inbox. As with all transactions in People-Trak ESS, you then get the option of approving or disapproving the submission. If you reject it, it bounces back to the employee with your reason for not accepting their submission. Simple as that!

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