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Centralized employee data

With People-Trak, all your employee data is out of the filing cabinets and safe and sound in one centralized system. Get rid of spreadsheets. Get rid of data-entry errors. Get a system made for HR pros.

Comprehensive core HRIS.

Timely, accurate information is key to a successful HR department. Integrate your different HR databases in People-Trak.

Look up records fast.

Sifting through vast amounts of information can be a challenge. But People-Trak makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Query according to any field in People-Trak, and look up information from specific time periods. (Features like Lookup Favorites and Quick Search make the lookup process even faster.)

All the features you need.

Whether you need to print labels, process batches of data, or set up birthday reminders, People-Trak is packed full of features to streamline it all. And as administrator, keep detailed records of changes with auditing capabilities.

Share information with those who need it.

Both you and your managers can benefit from the ease of communicating through People-Trak. Emailing department heads information on only their employees has never been easier.

Attach almost anything.

People-Trak HRIS has the ability to attach documents and images to employee and applicant records. Word, Excel, Jpegs, PDF’s, HTML, even MP3 files may be attached with a few simple clicks.

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