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Streamline your HR processes

Optimize the performance of your HR department with People-Trak. Minutes spent with tools in People-Trak can mean hours saved.

Streamline data-entry

By utilizing our Batch Processing features, you can update a chosen group of records without having to jump around between different screens. This feature can be utilized for keying performance, compensation (like bonuses & COLA), attendance, training, and medical exams.

Streamline time-off

Easily track time-off accounts with People-Trak. You can set up different accrual rates for different types of leave, use different accrual frequencies, and have balances roll over at the end of the year. You can also easily calculate an estimate for how much time off an employee will have by a given date.

Alerts & notifications

Automatic email notifications can be scheduled to launch based on any date in People-Trak’s HR system. This includes user-defined dates, giving end users the ability to customize their own dates and email notifications in the event of unique company or industry requirements.

Example: Healthcare providers have difficulty keeping on top of certification and license renewals, including when important tests are due, i.e. TB Aplisol tests.

With People-Trak you can set an alert to notify HR, the employee, and their managers automatically before the date, anniversary of the date, and/or after the date.

Highly customizable

To maximize the benefit of an HRIS system requires some customization. But you should not have to pay for expensive consultants to get this. Our Strategic Toolkit add-on allows People-Trak to be customized by users to a very high degree.

These tools include derived fields, custom screens, custom workflows, process triggers, and approvals—everything you could need to make the system your own. And anyone can learn to use these customization tools. That way, if your processes change in small or large ways, there’s no need to pay for expensive consultants. You can make changes to the workflow yourself. (Of course, if you ever need that extra help, your support representative is standing by.)

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