You should have an HR payroll interface. Here’s why…

pointing-out-your-errorsAn interface is the simplest ways to improve the reliability of your People-Trak data, and to be sure that HR and Payroll are both up to date.

There’s nothing so embarrassing as presenting a report to management, and having someone point out that your data is wrong. If you have yesterday’s news, it makes you look bad, and if it’s not caught in time, it could lead to bad decisions that cost you, your boss, and even the whole company.

You could do frequent data audits to fix the discrepancies between Payroll and HR’s employee information. You could pull them up side by side and eyeball it, hoping to catch anything. You might get printouts from each, and lay them side by side and go down row by row, verifying the addresses and pay rates. What a pain! And it takes so much time! And if your coffee fix has worn off, you might miss it after comparing the first 115 pages.

This is the tedious stuff we all wish computers would just do for us. They were supposed to make our lives easier, and when it comes to interfaces, they can.

Your People-Trak software can quickly trade data with your payroll software quite easily. Just export the data from Payroll and let your interface synchronize it with People-Trak so your pay rates are always accurate. So your reports are accurate.

What about those new hires? Are you currently getting paper reports and typing it all in? Well, if payroll already typed it in, why type it again? Let your People-Trak interface detect the new hires in payroll and create new records in People-Trak for you. Don’t do double data entry when you don’t have to. Get all that basic info from payroll, and then add all the depth of HR information that you want.

Does your payroll software have an HR add-on? Even if your payroll package has a little HR add-on, you can import that small amount of data into your full featured People-Trak HRIS software, where you can completely track and edit all the HR events and data you want to.

Control the flow. You decide with payroll which way you want the data to flow. Initiate records in People-Trak, or get the data from payroll. We can talk you through the whole process. We’ve done lots of these interfaces for our customers. We can even help you do bi-directional interfaces. That way you share the work load and control the information that’s most important to each department.

When it’s all running smoothly, you can be confident when you present your reports that the data is current. The boss can run with those numbers. And when the boss looks good, you look good too.

So contact People-Trak today to get started with your payroll interface.

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